The 1959 Project Playlist

This page is a remix of Natalie Weiner’s The 1959 Project website, which is an amazing resource for anyone who loves jazz, or wants to learn more about it. Here’s an interview with Natalie Weiner, the creator of the blog, and here’s a link to a book by Fred Kaplan about this year in jazz.

I’m obsessively listening to the albums that Natalie discusses, and started this site as a way of making them easily accessible (one long iTunes playlist was becoming cumbersome …). So here’s a list of the blog posts, the albums noted, and options for listening to them.

Each entry includes a link to Natalie’s blog post, a wikipedia entry on the artist, and links to several streaming services. Explore, and visit Natalie’s page to show support!

It’s kind of mind blowing, but here are a few of the most famous albums that were recorded or released in 1959 (in no particular order), showing just how many different strands of jazz were criss crossing that year:

  • Kind of Blue, Miles Davis
  • Giant Steps, John Coltrane (recorded 1959)
  • The Shape of Jazz to Come, Ornette Coleman
  • Time Out, Dave Brubeck
  • Mingus, Ah Um, Charles Mingus
  • Portrait in Jazz, Bill Evans Trio

But there was a lot more happening, as well. See for yourself, through the eyes of Natalie’s blog:

March 1959

April 1959