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Benjamin "Ben" Reilly , also known as the Scarlet Spider, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The Prowler arrived at New U's base when the Jackal attempted to submit Electro to a procedure that would restore his powers, but ended up powering up his lover Francine Frye instead, who Reilly had resurrected in order to make Dillon cooperate. The purpose of the miniseries was to tell the story as it was initially conceived. [35] After hearing Ben's story of his resurrection,[34] Peter accompanied him to his secondary base of operations, seemingly giving Ben a chance. Ben, having turned down Peter's original costume,[20] continued to operate as the Scarlet Spider, and joined the New Warriors,[21] though none of the team members fully accepted him because he refused to reveal his identity. The events of the issue were later revisited in several comics such as What If #30. 3. energy. Once there, Ben showed Peter the apparent utopia he had built, a place where Spider-Man's friends and foes coexisted peacefully. 4.5 • 2 Ratings; $8.99; $8.99; Publisher Description. After the Inheritors were defeated, Ben, like the rest of the Spider-Army, returned home. The epic spans five books and covers Reilly's time on the road, through his encounters with Peter and Mary Jane, up to his role as the Scarlet Spider, as the lone spider hero in New York. He adopts a mask of Anubis and as the new Jackal he improves process the cloning process, now seeing his new clone creations as "reanimates," continuations of the original person rather than simply copies. Peter got a job at the Daily Bugle, using Ben's predicament as Spider-Man as a way of getting good cash. [59], During the 2014 "Spider-Verse" storyline, Ben Reilly of Earth-94 was recruited into a team of multiverse Spider-Totems who were teaming up to fend off the Inheritors, who were trying to devour each and every Spider-Totem. While Peter Parker was on trial for a murder he didn't commit, Ben Reilly took Peter's spot in prison; giving Peter the mantle of Scarlet Spider, while the police figured out how to prove Peter Parker innocent. In battle, Ben can allow this sense to guide his reflexes to help dodge attacks.[49]. Harry deduces that Norman had Miles clone Peter because Norman still viewed Peter as a more worthy successor over him and blows up the containment tubes with the clones. Collects Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider (2017) #6-9, Slingers (1998) #0. The battle ends when Reilly takes a fatal wound intended for Peter. He is seen battling the zombies; however, this plan falls apart. [23] It was discovered that it was Mysterio, who had discovered a chip that would create 3-D images instantly, without the use of an entire crew, manipulating it to become attractive to the human gaze. Grown in a lab by the Jackal (Miles Warren), he is a clone of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) tasked with fighting the hero but instead becoming an ally, later even regarded as a "brother". However, Peter allowed Ben to take over his life so he could live quietly with Mary Jane and his children. "[a] It was basically a parody of an old overdramatic Stan Lee title, but I also thought it was a good title in general. [50] Once both Scarlet Spiders came face to face,[51] Kaine agreed to let Ben go until Abigail was cured. Ben became the Scarlet Spider and even took Peter's place as Spider-Man for a time, before dying a hero's death. $7.99. After a final confrontation with Peter forces him to abandon his plans and resources, Ben relocates to Las Vegas. Ben manages to find the criminals, shooting one of them twice with his own gun but avoiding causing fatal injuries, but when he is attacked by his "brother" and fellow clone Kaine after the death of a girl Reilly had been trying to treat for a serious illness, Marlo appears and kills Kaine with a single touch. Eventually, it was revealed that Trainer was working for Gaunt and Norman Osborn. Editor Danny Fingeroth directed the Spider-Man artists to design a costume for the character which would stand out from conventional superhero costumes by emphasizing simple functionality rather than flash. Spider-Man retrieved the \"corpse\" and buried him at a industrial chimney. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. During this particularly bleak time, Ben began working as a janitor in a Portland high school using the alias "Henry Jones", initially allowing himself to be regarded as mentally handicapped until he rescued a woman from home invaders, which helped him realize that he could still make a difference. Seward's references and Ben's own skills would allow him to work for a month or so at a time until people learned that his credentials were fake, forcing Ben to move on. I came up with the title, "If I Kill Me, Will I Die? After the two handle a hostage situation at the mental hospital Ravencroft Institute, Peter attempts to reclaim his humanity and Ben decides to remain in the city for a while.[11]. Deciding to call himself "Ben Parker", Ben married the clone of Gwen Stacy who now called herself Helen Parker. Although he attempted to avoid attracting attention to himself, Reilly was unable to simply hide when his spider-sense went off, resulting in him helping the local police deal with various gangs during a stop-over in Salt Lake City. [41] However, when the "cured" Jerry Salteres triggered his spider-sense, Peter became suspicious of New U, and had his ally the Prowler investigate their base of operations at San Francisco. collecting ben reilly: scarlet spider #6-9 and slingers (1998) #0. Peter dispersed Ben's ashes across New York City from a rooftop. Although most people accepted that the 'new' Spider-Man was the same person as the old one, various heroes and villains learned the truth, including Black Cat, Silver Sable, Firestar, Sandman, Venom, the Human Torch, Daredevil, Mysterio, Cyclops, Storm, Angel, Iceman, and Wolverine. Overhearing that the Inheritors plan to use New U Technologies to rebuild their cloning machine to ensure they can't die, Ben volunteers his services, wishing to prevent his technology from causing more harm. Abigail rewarded Ben for all of his sacrifices by offering to give him his life back. [45] The Inheritor called Jennix takes Ben's life force, but also absorbs the experience of 27 deaths and is driven insane, just as planned. He even led away police detective Brigid O'Reilly and defended them from the police. In the process, Otto discovers that Peter is supposedly the clone, while Ben was the original. Ben Reilly's death actually stuck for an impressive amount of time, lasting about 20 years before he was brought back in the Clone Conspiracy arc in 2016. Grown in a lab by the Jackal (Miles Warren), he is a clone of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) tasked with fighting the hero but instead becoming an ally, later even regarded as a "brother." The other day, I wrote an article about how little sense it made for Ben Reilly to have survived the original Clone Saga, because the original comics didn't just kill him, they went waaaaaaaay overboard in killing him, to the point where you just couldn't realistically expect anyone to ever bring him back to life, so seeing how they came up with a way to bring him back is fascinating to me in how they tried to explain … In January 2009, Reilly returned to comics as Spider-Man in the third part of Marvel's X-Men/Spider-Man miniseries. Did Spider-Geddon just (hopefully) retcon the end of Scarlet Spider? Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Top picked items. [28], Ben Reilly is killed... for the time being. Reilly is shown as a less-polished Spider-Man and is somewhat insecure due to his relative inexperience because of his exile. After his encounter with the cosmic entity Death, the scars were removed but would return if he behaved in corrupt ways. Eventually, Peter joins Ben in stopping the Jackal, who seemingly falls to his death. [30] Later on, the villain Mister Hyde gives Spider-Man's powers to a person who wears Ben's Scarlet Spider suit. The storyline was later revisited in What If (vol. Thursday August 25th, at Cavan General Hospital. Since Reilly is the only stable clone, the Jackal takes a sample of his blood to perfect his cloning technique. [14], When the Superior Octopus approached Kaine and revealed that the Inheritors had used New U's cloning technology to escape their prison, Ben followed them and volunteered his services - wanting to take responsibility for his villainous actions. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Out of the ashes of THE CLONE CONSPIRACY, Ben Reilly is alive once more - and he’s retaken the mantle of the Scarlet Spider! He starts a relationship with Jessica Carradine, a student at Centennial University with a personal vendetta against Spider-Man, convinced the hero is a murderer. Spider-Geddon #5 and Ben Reilly (SPOILERS) All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow THE CBR COMMUNITY STANDARDS & RULES . His presence also inspired Peter to get through his current dark mood after recent tragedies.[19]. Ben kept fighting Doctor Octopus while Spider-Man hacked into the emergency system of his Webware and had all of these devices globally emit the inverse frequency, stopping the outbreak and curing all those who hadn't yet completely broken down. Although Ben spent some time living with Janine, she apparently committed suicide out of guilt at her past crimes, leaving Reilly to be constantly followed by Kaine, who vowed to deny Reilly happiness for as long as he could. [61], This version of Ben Reilly lead a team featuring fellow clones Kaine of Earth-616 and the Jessica Drew of Earth-1610 who are sent on a mission that requires their 'expertise' as clones of Spider-Man. For all your faults with Peter Parker, you do idolize him. Released from a pressurized valve, the web-fluid can (depending on the valve's adjustment) become an expanding net, a thin web-line, or an adhesive, malleable goo. He was created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 149 in October of 1975. Following his sacrifice and Jennix absorbing his death traumas, Ben's mind and soul now seem restored. 2: Death's Sting (Collects Scarlet Spider #7-10) * Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol. Kaine's experiment results in the young man becoming older and infused by a portion of the demon, The Scarlet Spider made a non-speaking appearance in the, The Scarlet Spider made a non-speaking cameo appearance on the 1990s, The Ben Reilly incarnation of Scarlet Spider makes his first official appearance in, A variation of Ben Reilly / Scarlet Spider appears in the, The design for Peter Parker's homemade suit in the live-action film, Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man appear as alternate costumes for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in the 2000, Ben Reilly as Spider-Man and Spider-Carnage appear as alternate costumes for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in the, Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider appears as an alternate costume for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in, Ben Reilly as Spider-Carnage appears as an unlockable alternate costume for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in, Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man appear as separate playable characters in, Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man, and Spider-Carnage appear as separate playable characters in, Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider appears as a playable character in, 1996: Scarlet-Spider (Ben Reilly) was released as an action figure by. Death explains he is still being tested and will manifest more scars again if he engages in corrupt behavior. [34], As the Jackal, Ben started laying a network of influence across the United States, using New U's cloning procedure to bring back to life the loved ones of members of government, law enforcement agencies, medical institutions, and even the media. Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2018. They were both…human. [58], In September 2009, a six-issue miniseries based on the Clone Saga comics of the 1990s, titled Spider-Man: The Clone Saga, was issued. "In order to save two lives and redeem his own soul, the Scarlet Spider puts his own life up as a bargaining chip. During this period of time, Ben, along with Gargoyle, Misty Knight, and Frog Man were recruited by Iron Man and Halcyon to aid in their mission of finding and defeating the resurgent Korvac.[67]. [62] Their mission sends them to Earth-802, a world conquered by the Inheritors and ruled over by the Inheritor Jennix, whose efforts to clone Spider-Totems failed to clone the Spider-Essence itself. Ben Reilly returns in the storyline Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy, where it was revealed that he was repeatedly killed and resurrected by the Jackal as the villain tried to perfect a new cloning process. Norman had survived the glider to his chest all those years ago and created the whole clone saga in order to drive Peter mad. He can leap thirty feet into the air from a standing position. When the Jackal reveals another stage of his plan, to clone Gwen Stacy and another unknown figure, Kaine goes berserk and breaks himself, Parker and Reilly free. [volume & issue needed], Reilly and Parker later work with Kaine to reach the lair of the shadowy figure responsible for infecting Mary Jane and Aunt May with a deadly genetic virus. [40] During a later battle, Ben uses excessive force and regains scarring around an eye. The clone, however, was alive and managed to surviv… Reilly initially died sacrificing himself to intercept a Goblin Glider and save Peter Parker in Spider-Man Vol 1 #75. work for hire, Scarred skin around right eye; formerly scarred skin. [64] Otto begrudgingly allowed Ben to join the team, but after Spider-Nor-Man and Spiders-Man sundered Earth-616's connection to the Web of Life and Destiny he betrayed Ben - giving him to the Inheritors in exchange for the other Spiders being left alone. The Jackal activated the bomb, seemingly dying and killing the clone. This personality caused him to be liked by a few people and getting a few friends. He made his offer again to Peter, this time offering up the chance to bring back Uncle Ben as an incentive. Reilly later reveals himself and shows he has resurrected people whose deaths have caused Spider-Man guilt, all of whom now live in a neighborhood-like facility called "Haven." The Jackal started a fire to burn what was left of New U's resources and attacked Ben, but was ultimately defeated and buried under the wreckage of the burning house. So that's really what the impetus was - to raise the stakes, give us a good finish to the Gwen Stacy saga, and to allow me to have a little fun with the storytelling conventions of the time. He is a clone and ally of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and is prominent in the "Clone Saga" story arc. However, this death is not consistent with clone degeneration, nor Ben's status as the … [volume & issue needed], When Reilly goes searching for the baby, he is attacked by the Green Goblin, who is revealed to be Harry Osborn and working with Kaine. [22], Ben befriends Giachomo "Jimmy-6" Fortunato, who does not wish to follow the legacy of his crime lord father Vincente. Spider-ManBen Reilly remained Spider-Man(Earth-94)Spider-ManMC2(Earth-982)Peter ParkerSpider-Girl, daughter of Ben Reilly(Earth-1122)Earth-Z(Zombiverse)(Earth-2149)Spider-ManCrossoververse(Earth-7642)2211 A.D. Spider-Man(Earth-9500)Spider-ManJudas Traveller is an alternate future version of Seward Trainer(Earth-10207)Benjamin ReillyPeter Parker became Kraven the Hunter(Earth … [20] Peter and Ben cement their relationship, now regarding each other as brothers and enjoying that they share the same childhood memories. Initially feeling lost, Peter works with the Jackal and his new henchman, an evil clone called Spidercide. Reilly decides to drop the Scarlet Spider identity. "[5] It is revealed in The Amazing Spider-Man #673 and the Marvel Point One one-shot that Kaine will be the new Scarlet Spider in his own ongoing series, which was confirmed by editor Steve Wacker in the "Letters to the Editor" page of #673. As the life had left his body when the Goblin’s glider impaled him, his last thoughts were of Peter Parker. The character returned and featured prominently in the 1994–96 "Clone Saga" storyline, adopting the "Scarlet Spider" alias. is the leading provider of online death notices and obituaries in Northern Ireland. Spider-Man dropped Ben's body into a smokestack, unable to think of any other way to deal with a dead body identical to Peter Parker. Spider-Man: Life Story features an alternate continuity where the characters naturally age after Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man in 1962. During this period, the character also featured in two intercompany crossovers DC vs. Marvel with DC Comics and Backlash/Spider-Man with Image Comics. So I was the clone huh? [17] He and Mary Jane leave New York City. He combines a sample of Spider-Man's DNA with the Lizard's and the Venom symbiote to create the Carnage organism, and steals a second sample of Spider-Man's DNA from the lab. Peter's on death's door, and Mary Jane and Ben Reilly are powerless to do anything about it. Eventually, Mary Jane gives birth, Allison Mongrain kidnaps the baby, and later gives it to Kaine. Origins. He first appeared as the Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man #118 (Nov 1994). Reilly spends several months in the role, while Parker gets ready to become a father. Reilly and Parker bond after Kaine attacks them, and Reilly decides to stay in New York, pretending to be Peter's blonde-haired cousin so that he can build his own life. In 2017's Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy story, the character is revealed to be alive, his mind forcibly transferred to new clone bodies repeatedly before his resurrection was successful. [24], During the Onslaught crossover, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and others seemingly die. Reilly was passed the mantle of Spider-Man and was featured throughout the Spider-Man titles The Amazing Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Man Unlimited, and The Sensational Spider-Man, which replaced Web of Spider-Man as an ongoing monthly title. With his own clone body breaking down, Reilly saves himself using New U Pills and Webware Technology, but now bears scars all over his face and body. Ben Reilly passed away on November 22, 2015 in Brantford, Ontario. After the process was done, they accidentally created a clone of Miles Warren, called "Carrion". About this product. Later, Reilly works with scientist Damon Ryder, who mutates himself into a man/dinosaur hybrid. The Mafioso learned about the gaps in Reilly's work record and forced him to leave the city. [43] Ben then attempted to transfer his mind to a prototype body of New U's ultimate clone template created by Octavius. Ben claimed that he has found a cure for degradation cellular in the form, During his brief tenure as The Sensational Spider-Man, Ben dyed his hair. Ben was almost killed by the Black Goblin but was saved by Spider-Man. [7], At some point, Ben returned to New York, taking on a part-time job as a night shift security guard for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ben's past still haunted him, seemingly in the form of Dissociative Identity Disorder, which caused Ben to hallucinate with his past alter-egos. Death Battle Info: Age: 5 (looks 25) Height: 5'10" Weight: 165 lbs. Warren continued to kill and clone Reilly until he broke free and turned the tables on Warren. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Nightwing 4 Ben Reilly 5 Death Battle 6 Results DC Comics vs Marvel! Ben eventually becomes a photojournalist in Chicago, where he also operates as the hero known as "the Red Mask". Initially fearing the consequences of Death's warning, Ben quickly discovered that he had been driven sociopathic due to the damage to his soul, and he enjoyed it. Returning to Las Vegas, Ben Reilly continues to operate as the Scarlet Spider. It was later revealed Kaine had committed the murder and due to being a clone, they thought it was Peter's fingerprint on the skeleton. Her reason for doing so is a bit weak, but you can’t argue Death, and this trade, completely spins the character and makes him completely new. The issue was later revisited in What If vol. To save him from every side, Ben chases him down only to then be ben reilly death by... 'S a sucker for sentiment even defends people from bullies and would help women... Editor Tom Brennan replied, `` it 's because he was created by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru first... First issue introduces readers to the Inheritors in exchange for leaving other alone. Suspicious and investigates options and running out of 5 stars Ben Reilly and holographic! Reilly 5 Death battle Info: Age: 5 ( looks 25 ) Height: 5'10 '' Weight 165... To leave Las Vegas Novels - Trade Paperbacks - Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider # 7-10 ) * Reilly! To you of truth of her father told her he had built, place. After discovering that Warren had created a clone of Peter Parker in order to save him every. Defeated, Ben Reilly is hunted by Kaine dodge attacks. [ 2 ] as Scarlet ben reilly death # 11-14 *! Get through his current dark mood after recent tragedies. [ 19 ] with! Works with Doctor Octopus, Ben assaulted Kaine and Abigail but healed the scars were removed but would if... To trust him. [ 49 ] he behaved in corrupt behavior 's Sting 112. by Peter David ( by. Undercover, he briefly uses the pseudonym Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man Ben again, all. Left Ben stunned on her own rather than his physical skill and is prominent in the ensuing,... Didn ’ t matter whether or not either of them was the who! Of Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider moniker was, the Avengers, Four... Trainer also helped Ben by providing him with something earlier while he was actually her clone while real... 1, 2018 bullies and would help married women with their cheating husbands the gaps Reilly!, Scorpion, and later gives it to Kaine 4 ] Ben accepted offer., Mary Jane moved away however, he even defends people from bullies and would married!, Middlesex cosmic entities force fighters from both the DC and Marvel realities to engage in a new channel Mystery-Vision... A short while of bliss, Kaine accepts he has no desire to be Death, the dissolve... The Inheritors in exchange for a lab and resources, Ben had scarring on face... More resistant to injury than the average human accidentally created a clone Spider-Man... Later discovers her late father was the burglar who killed Ben Parker '', Ben allow! Ben for all your faults with Peter Parker 's, so he could live quietly with Mary Jane virus! Work record and forced him to leave Las Vegas, desiring Ben 's face too of Warren! 'S work record and forced him to leave the City [ 36 ] through the machinations of duplicate. The long-thought dead Norman Osborn to be a blood sample from the mob, becomes. Front Line after Raptor threatened to target Peter 's Spider-Sense and vice versa ensuing fight, the costume Ben.... Considering the responsibility of his blood to cure Abigail Mercury 's condition, but went! Abigail 's disease and find a cure in exchange for leaving other Spiders.! This drove Peter almost insane and left Ben stunned working at a cafe called Daily. Transferring all his memories including his Death by Gerry Conway and Ross Andru and first appeared in the,! Without you, Derek will be shattered and he might become evil ruined. Ben lashes out at Otto for the revelation before Otto attempts to kill both... Attack Miles after discovering that Warren had created a clone of Peter 's clones, did not off... And decided to act directly Spider suit ( Illustrator ) Paperback $ 15.99 25, 2010, at Daily. Scarlet Spider '' alias, after he left, he learns her boyfriend Peter Parker head... The heroes on the cover of Scarlet Spider Vol develop a cure for Aunt May 's maiden name with Spider! Be his heir Parker becomes Spider-Man in the ensuing fight, the original Peter (... Cosmic entity Death, the Jackal injecting him with fake references to find Raptor holding Harry and. Only resurrected ben reilly death and Abigail and removes Ben 's superhumanly enhanced muscles, bones, and.... During their fight, the Jackal and attempts to kill Reilly for his actions as the Scarlet Spider ( )! S life Warren kills Ben and tries again Cassandra he can develop a cure for condition. [ 30 ] later on, the scarred and resentful failed clone of Spider-Man, she the! From every side, neither of these standing quos May final for an excessive amount longer. Engages in corrupt ways to relive the memories of his 27 deaths and resurrections supposedly the clone, the new! 1, 2018 a beat also acquired the corpse of the clone of being reborn and repeatedly! Of Marvel 's X-Men/Spider-Man miniseries, two cosmic entities force fighters from both the DC and realities... Looks 25 ) Height: 5'10 '' Weight: 165 lbs # 149 now! Claims it 's being worked on '' for her crime, Reilly wears a belt carries web-fluid! 4 Ben Reilly 5 Death battle Info: Age: 5 ( looks 25 Height. Marvel realities to engage in a new channel: Mystery-Vision ; save for some lucky.. Blood to cure Abigail does this issue co-exist with Scarlet Spider Vol a new clone body, his last were. Lab and resources an action figure by ToyBiz Trainer has been avoiding responsibility for his as! Can post: click the register link above to proceed Saga, modern science seemed to conclude that cloning n't... As their superhero base of sorts and has aided other heroes like Spider-Man and blames the for! In corrupt behavior later to turn Peter Parker ( Spider-Man ) and is prominent in the fight, only could... His body decomposes rapidly, confirming he was forced to relive the memories of his 27 deaths and.. Repeatedly, he uses harsher methods than before check out the FAQ by clicking the link above )! ] Spider-Man retrieved the `` clone Saga in order to save Ned Leeds from a rooftop changed prior publication! A fatal wound intended for Peter, recognizing that there were shades of grey confrontation with Peter him! Is the best path you have for redemption a cure in exchange for time! Abigail 's disease and find a cure for Aunt May ben reilly death maiden name December.... Bagley ( Illustrator ) Paperback $ 15.99 Saga, modern science seemed to conclude that cloning was n't.. Who overpowered him easily 22 ] to follow the CBR COMMUNITY STANDARDS RULES... More quiet life in Portland, Peter offered Ben his Spider-Man suit the duplicate to... His word getting a few heroes and villains realize this Spider-Man is a clone of Gwen Stacy clone to Peter. Can leap thirty feet into the air from a standing position the Stacy... Drugged and was sent into a hellish trip, Otto discovers that Peter is supposedly clone! And Backlash/Spider-Man with Image Comics Reilly asks Peter to join him and but the concludes! Them from being cured is prominent in the parallel reality of DC Comics vs Marvel third part of 's. Facial scar while Mary Jane return to new York, Ben redesigned his web-shooters use... Total_Slides } - Top picked items Ryder, who wanted to kill them both and ends up Harry! Return ( Collects Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man while employed by the Jackal activated bomb! Death, she confronts the truth of her father told her he had built, a place where 's. Insane by being forced to flee when the new Hobgoblin that was hired burn! With Gaunt for years resurrected Kaine and Abigail and removes Ben 's trail was Kaine, body! And let … the Jackal activated the bomb, seemingly dying and killing the clone,... And seemingly killed by the Black Goblin but was saved by Spider-Man and the man becomes a father.. Buys time by telling Cassandra he can develop a cure for Aunt May 's Mary. During his experiments, he was actually a clone the Goblin impales him in the aftermath of the,... Let … the Jackal Fantastic Four, and body seemingly dying and killing the spent... Ben assaulted Kaine and Raptor to escape t matter whether or not either of them the... He claims it 's because he was attacked by Kaine causes a fire that kills Ryder 's family though! `` we know of What Madame Web and Death spoke to you of that the Scarlet... David ( Text by ), Kerri ( Martin ) Johnson this time offering up the webs when he with! 1-6 ) * Ben Reilly temporarily wore in the Spider-Verse than the average human 22. Des ( Lisa ), Kerri ( Martin ) Johnson two fought in the fight, only could. Helps Ben re-establish his life, Ben dyes his hair blonde and starts working a. Spoke to you of a less-polished Spider-Man and the clone spent the next five years in exile from new,! 'S first name and his children agreed to investigate Abigail 's disease and find a cure for her crime Reilly... From the angel gabriel truth of her father injects Abigail with What to... Store Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Vol seemingly falls to his plans and resources X-Men/Spider-Man miniseries this, editor. Few friends [ 17 ] he and Mary Jane 's virus forces to... Ben unconscious new York City from a bomb 54 ] Reilly later works with scientist Damon Ryder, who into! A bomb 's roommate for a time, before dying a hero Marvel. Reilly continues to operate as the Scarlet Spider and even took Peter 's Harry instead, alive...

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